National final “Make science”

The contest

This weekend, from June 7 to 9, we were invited to present our project in Corsica at the national final of the “Faites de la science” competition, following our qualification in St Etienne.

Academic final of the “Make Science” competition

Each academy sent its candidates. We presented our work in small separate compartments in the gymnasium of Pasquale Paoli University.

The journey

But to reach Corsica, it was a real journey. Arriving 3 hours early, we almost missed our flight. The reason: the printer case was too large, so we had to unpack and repack the printer many times.


Finally, the printer was working on arrival. We were able to present it to the juries, but also to France 3 Corsica and France Bleue.

The award ceremony

At 5pm, after a few scientific workshops, we attended the awards ceremony in the amphitheatre. There are 5 categories. We won the first prize in the category “innovation in everyday life” as well as the first general prize:

And a nice stay…

To conclude the stay, we enjoy a cruise along the route of the bloodthirsty, in the bay of the city of Ajaccio:

In conclusion, a very nice stay, great encounters and a first prize.

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