Our project

Project origin

In 2016, we launched a crazy project with the school: opening up the digital world to the visually impaired in need. Worldwide, there are 285 million visually impaired people, mostly in disadvantaged countries. In all cases, blindness is a factor of social exclusion. Today, new technologies allow more and more to promote information and communication. However, this world always passes by the sight, and remains a barrier for the visually impaired

Our solution? Eyeprint, a Braille printer that allows visually impaired people to fix digital information (web page, mail,…) on paper or plastic.

Video presentation

How we work

The Eyeprint project is a strong commitment of some students who dare to believe that science can still bring some progress, and who prove it. The success of the company is therefore based on several founding principles:

  • Humanism, which wants to believe that science can be a vector of progress in our world
  • Scientific rigour, which alone guarantees the relevance and correctness of technical choices
  • Teamwork, an obvious need for this kind of project
  • Scientific honesty and social integrity, absolutely necessary to build a solid, sustainable and ethical project

The strong points of our project

Eyeprint is an accurate, dynamic, ergonomic and above all accessible Braille printer. A marketing would be possible with less than 500€, whereas the traditional printers are sold between 3000 and 30000€. Our system simply prints medium sized texts (less than 15 pages) in your office, in the classic formats (a4). We are also studying the possibility of plastic printing, to make posters, safety signs, etc. as simple as possible.