Cgénial : academic contest

The contest

The “CGénial competition” invites high school students to present an innovative project as a team. An interdisciplinary scientific project approach (mathematics, physics, chemistry, life and earth sciences, technology, etc.) is expected, combining, if possible, vocational education and general teaching in the case of projects presented by teams of vocational lycées.

The competition can be found on the “Science at School” website: Le concours Cgénial

Our file

To apply to this competition, we had to present a 25-page file, with the issues of the problem of low vision, the progress of our project, our scientific method, technical problems, and our conclusions.

Discover our presentation file (fr)




On 23 April, we received the answer: we qualified for the final which will take place on Friday 25 May at the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse. We will go with the second group from our high school who qualified for their refrigerated bike bottle.

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